Here's how the Donald Trump Democrats would ruin the GOP

FILE - In this Friday, March 4, 2016 file photo, a protester chanting "Black Lives Matter" is escorted away as Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, background, speaks at a campaign rally in New Orleans. (AP Photo/Gerald Herbert)

Ducking Donald Trump is attempting to realign the parties in the United States. He and his Trump Democrats are trying to remake the Republican Party, the party that freed the slaves, into a White Nationalist party.


Here’s what happened in the Democrat party that helped to drive this potential realignment of our political party system in America, and how by this effort the GOP would be ruined as a vehicle for liberty.

FILE - In this Friday, March 4, 2016 file photo, a protester chanting "Black Lives Matter" is escorted away as Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, background, speaks at a campaign rally in New Orleans. (AP Photo/Gerald Herbert)
FILE – In this Friday, March 4, 2016 file photo, a protester chanting “Black Lives Matter” is escorted away as Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, background, speaks at a campaign rally in New Orleans. (AP Photo/Gerald Herbert)

Privilege Theory

Privilege theory is the biggest reason to blame for the uprising of the Trump Democrat. Here’s Wikipedia’s description of the core of the theory as it is applied in left-wing blamecasting and ad hominem ‘arguments’:

In the context of the theory, privileged people are considered to be “the norm”, and, as such, gain invisibility and ease in society, with others being cast as inferior variants. Privileged people see themselves reflected throughout society both in mass media and face-to-face in their encounters with teachers, workplace managers and other authorities, which researchers argue leads to a sense of entitlement and the assumption that the privileged person will succeed in life, as well as protecting the privileged person from worry that they may face discrimination from people in positions of authority.


Under traditional Marxist thought, wealth and political power were the dividing lines used to separate the championed underclass that should be lifted up, from the hated overlords that must be taken down. But given that we live in an era where a not-wealthy, not-connected son of a Kenyan immigrant, who himself went to school in Indonesia, can become President of the United States, it’s hard to sustain such theories.

So issues like poverty, and the “struggles of the working class” have been cast aside, disproportionately to the perceived detriment of whites. A wealthy black professor locked out of his apartment is news. A town of Oxycontin-addicted white people left unemployed by national energy policy is not. That looks like bias, to these disaffected Democrats.

When you see Donald Trump talking about trade, it’s not about economics. It’s about sounding like he cares about these blue collar white Democrats.

Global Warming vs “Making Stuff”

Manufacturing is not dead in this country. However some of the old, heavy industries are in trouble. Car manufacturers have been under regulatory pressure for years. The War on Coal is in full swing. And of course the EPA is watching everyone.

This kind of regulation affects all of us in the economy, but the people who are least equipped to handle it, while burdened the most by it, are those whose jobs are immediately destroyed by these changes. I wasn’t joking above about towns of drug addicts. There’s a reason one of the leading jobs in West Virginia is Social Security Disability: the War on Coal has devastated the economy there.


Democrats, who were long seen as being on the side of the little guy, are now perceived as having abandoned these voters, who were once loyal union members, and committed Democrats.

Welcoming of Illegal Immigration

We forget that it’s a recent development that immigration issues were an issue polarized by party. Ronald Reagan signed an amnesty compromise. Bill Clinton took concrete action against illegal aliens to rebound his party after 1994, when Republicans (eventually) swept out Assembly Speaker Willie Brown in California. Unions, too. The AFL was an early proponent of expanding the Chinese Exclusion Act, and literacy tests for immigrants. And while unions have started to shift on the position, as recently as 2007 union proposals still have not included guest worker programs.

But now we are faced with a Democrat party that is virtually united in favor of mass immigration from the Middle east, and mass amnesty for illegal aliens from all over. To people facing economic dislocation either through greater systemic change (such as auto workers) or by intentional policy action (such as coal miners), this looks like a betrayal through backward priorities.

Appeasement of and increase in Islamic immigrants

Related to the above is the recent flashpoint issue of Syrian “refugee” immigration. It’s perceived that by trying to let in dozens of Islamic fake refugees, the Democrats are finding yet another ‘underprivileged’ group to put on top of the food chain. This is seen as especially egregious given the rape problem, because you see, men from the global south raping “white” women is a real touchy spot for these people.


For those who have studied racism in American history, rape is one of those buzzwords. There’s a reason Donald Trump entered the conversation on illegal immigration by talking about rape. There’s a reason that the rapes in Cologne have managed to break through a wall of press silence. The rapacious brown-skinned individual is a lingering stereotype that raises the hackles of the Trump Democrat.

Black Lives Matter

This is the clincher. For years the Democrat party has compartmentalized its race issues thanks to the Voting Rights Act. The creation of majority-minority districts created voter ghettos for black Democrats, generally isolating them from the rest of the party. This allowed Democrats to fine-tune their rhetoric for whichever wings of the party they needed votes from.

But very early on in this cycle, the BLM activists demanded and got fealty from both leading Democrats. Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders both had their rallies invaded, and they mumbled the necessary words of surrender to the activists. This was horrifying to the Trump Democrat wing of the party. Sanders in particular became the very model of the “cuck.” It was seen as a complete abandonment of virtue.

To the Trump Democrats, the party sold out to a group of lawless “thugs.” Add in that it’s further perceived as a betrayal of loyal Democratic police unions, and this is a slam dunk issue for Trump to win these voters.


That’s why you see giddy cheers when Trump calls for violence against these activists. They like the idea that someone’s standing up to the BLM activists. That’s why you saw angry shouts at the idea that protestors should be armed. After all, the histories of Jim Crow and gun control go hand in hand. These folks at Trump rallies, beating protestors, would strip civil rights from Black Lives Matter protestors without a second thought.

Conservatives are still the enemy

And then they’d turn on the conservatives, who in The Turner Diaries received more venom than the Marxist left. But that’s what happens when you let the Trump Democrats hijack the GOP from its rightful owners. These aren’t our voters, and we’re never going to reach them with our issues. Reagan Democrats they are not.

Ted Cruz, the last conservative standing, is a vocal anti-cronyist. Donald Trump is the revenge of the cronyists. After Barack Obama won, videos went around the Internet of folks waiting in line for Obama money. Well, Trump’s voters are waiting for Trump money. And they want Mexico to pay for it.

People who are angry not because of big government, but because they perceive white people as not getting enough big government benefits, are not a natural fit for the Republican Party as has been constituted in the Sixth Party System. If Donald Trump makes them Republicans, then the Republican Party will be unrecognizable afterward, and completely inhospitable for those of us who believe in limited, Constitutional government.



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