[VIDEO] Watch these illegal aliens remind us of why Cruz and Trump are winning

As much as we all know the truth about Donald Trump’s online brownshirts, most Americans nationwide who back him, do so because they imagine he’s fighting for America. They don’t know about his true pro-amnesty views, they just want him to stand up for us. That’s why he’s doing well. It’s also a reason Ted Cruz, the man with a trusted record standing up to the Democrats and the GOP establishment, is doing so well in Iowa in particular.


Yesterday a group of illegal aliens picked the perfect time to remind us of why Americans are mad about this issue.

Let me warn you that this video has some crude language in it, but that’s why I’m sharing it. These are your “DREAMers”, the illegal alien college kids that they want us to give amnesty to. This is the attitude, this is the sense of entitlement, this is the disrespect for us as a nation, that we’re facing.

Republicans who see this stuff want to back guys like Ted Cruz and Donald Trump, and the rest of the GOP needs to understand that.


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