Dumbing Down University: Generation Snowflake hides in Safe Spaces

Snowed in this weekend? I sure am, so I have time to watch a Youtube video or three (or a dozen). Allow me to start you off with 6 minutes of righteous ranting against “Generation Snowflake:” today’s University students who hide out in safe spaces, melt down in the face of dissenting opinions, and basically are incapable of functioning as adults in the world today.

I’m sorry I can’t give you a transcript of Pat Condell (who seems to be a militant-atheist classical liberal rather than a conservative, and takes a shot at religion but it’s tangental to the point here) as he takes on today’s Gender Studies kiddies and how the universities are churning out useless degrees. But it is a fun video and I’ll start you off with a taste:

A degree in gender studies will make you even more unemployable than you would be with no degree at all, because it tells a potential employer that you are likelier than not to be an agenda-driven troublemaker at heart who has spent years cocooned in a self-induced bubble of phoney victimhood, immersed in a subject you knew in advance was going to be useless.