Burning oil for windmills: The Green Energy scam exposed

The ‘global warming’ extremists tell us we need to invest heavily in ‘renewable energy’ in order to Save The Planet™. They tell us government spending, ‘carbon taxes,’ and other big government tools are needed in order to make sure investment is directed to the ‘proper’ things.

New developments from Sweden give us more evidence the whole thing is a fraud!

Winter windmills

NyTeknik brings us the report of windmills that are freezing in the winter. Ice and whirling blades don’t get along very well, after all. So they need a way to de-ice the windmills! Ice Age NOW tell us their solution:

A helicopter company in Constance has developed a solution – featuring a helicopter, of course. They use a helicopter to spray hot water, which quickly melts ice from the blades.

It takes us about 1.5 hours to deice wind turbines, says CEO Mats Widgren.

…The cost to deice a turbine is equivalent to two days of electricity.

As an alternative, some turbines have an electric heating foil on the rotor blades to prevent ice growth.

Got that? We’re continuously burning electricity in order to gather this electricity, because these windmills are being forced to function in climates where they cannot function. That, or even more brilliantly, we burn a bunch of gas to fix the windmills with helicopters!

Windmills are a niche gimmick that should be rejected most of the time. They just don’t work, and only function under heavy, ideological-driven subsidy.