South Carolina Republican shows up the gun grabbers in the press

Photo by Hank Hession on Flickr

The Bill of Rights is one of the pillars of our civil society in America. So when elements of it are seen as being attacked, we tense up. Yet, members of the press (especially the fruitcakes at the New York Daily News) are all eager to have licensing, registration, testing, and control over our Second Amendment rights.


What if we fed them their own medicine? That’s what one Republican is doing in South Carolina.

Photo by Hank Hession on Flickr
Photo by Hank Hession on Flickr

Some conservatives will be alarmed by this, but we shouldn’t criticize. Instead we should let Mike Pitts make his point that the gun grabbers in the press are a bunch of flaming hypocrites.

Pitts has proposed a registry for journalists, requiring registration fees, background checks, and affidavits. You know, just the kinds of things they want for our Second Amendment rights, his bill would apply to the First. So, just as he would have predicted, they’re declaring it an unconstitutional infringement of the Bill of Rights.

Which is exactly our point on gun control laws, right? What’s good for the goose, is good for the gander.


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