[VIDEO] Watch as Donald Trump calls for more deals with dictators

Photo by Michael Vadon on Flickr

Donald Trump now claims to oppose Barack Obama’s deal with Iran, but back in 2007, he used to use every Democrat talking point in the book, including criticizing the Bush administration for not making more deals with dictators.


Listen to Trump on CNN in 2007. Yeah, you know CNN? That left-wing channel that conservatives generally like to avoid?

DONALD TRUMP: Condoleezza Rice is a lovely woman but she never makes a deal! She doesn’t make deals! She waves! She gets off the plane, she waves! She sits down with some dictator, 45 degree angle, they do the camera shot, she waves again, she gets back on the plane, she waves. No deal ever happens. So, I mean…

WOLF BLITZER: You’ve gotta close the deal at some point.

TRUMP: You gotta make deals!

I don’t know about you guys but I’d rather a Secretary of State be willing to walk away, get back on the plane, and wave, than be like John Kerry, desperate enough to get deals with Cuba and Iran, that he’ll give away the farm.

Once your opponent knows you’ve “gotta make deals,” you’ve already lost the negotiation. Didn’t Trump’s ghostwriter for The Art of the Deal teach him anything?


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