Net Neutrality's Day in Court, Round 3

Photo by "AgnosticPreachersKid" on Wikipedia

Net Neutrality, the concept that has been perverted by the extreme left, and its allies in the Obama administration, is bad for freedom, is illegal, and is going to depress investment if it isn’t thrown out.


Today a three judge panel of the DC Circuit Court of Appeals heard oral arguments in United States Telecom Association v. FCC.

Photo by "AgnosticPreachersKid" on Wikipedia
Photo by “AgnosticPreachersKid” on Wikipedia

We don’t really know how this is going to work. On one hand Judge David Tatel, the Clinton appointee who replaced Ruth Bader Ginsburg, has struck down Net Neutrality attempts before. However his questioning suggested he might uphold this, per the “Brand X” precedent.

Here’s hoping justice prevails though, and this round of Net Neutrality is also tossed out, as they were the first time in Comcast v FCC, and the second time in Verizon v FCC.


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