Donald Trump, Liz Mair, and political attack LLCs

Photo by David Shankbone on Flickr

The story going around is that Liz Mair founded Trump Card LLC, a political attack LLC which exists to take down Donald Trump.

And while I’m sure the opposition research and media coverage will be interesting to opponents of Trump, I think the longer-lasting effect of this, will be a more-frequent use of attack LLCs in political races.


Photo by David Shankbone on Flickr
Photo by David Shankbone on Flickr

Here’s the key paragraph from the Wall Street Journal piece:

As a limited liability company, Trump Card LLC wouldn’t have to disclose its donors to the Federal Election Commission. Viveca Novak, communications director for the Center for Responsive Politics, said she was aware of no restrictions on the kinds of political activities that could be funded through an LLC. “Anyone can set one up,” she said. “You don’t know who is behind it.”

Now, the Center for Responsive Politics hates the First Amendment and constantly pushes for more government regulation of speech, so if they’re alarmed, then that means an opportunity for free speech has been found.

I don’t know if Trump Card LLC is the first LLC used for political attack purposes, but it’s the first that’s gotten this level of press attention. It won’t be the last. Now that another way to raise and to spend money to attack candidates has been found, it will be used more frequently.

The 2018 election cycle is going to be even crazier than the last.



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