Clock boy demands millions from school system, threatens lawsuit

So much for science and education: clock boy and Islamist Ahmed Mohamed is demanding $15 million be taken from the school system to be paid to him personally, along with written apologies, threatening he’ll sue if they don’t pay him his demand.


Given that the whole clock building thing was a sham, I would look forward to discovery in such a lawsuit.


For those who missed it, the entire clock-building claim has been debunked. Ahmed didn’t build a clock. He bought an old Radio Shack clock off of eBay, took off the casing, and put it in a pencil case.

I’ve actually built a clock. Had a schoolkid actually done that, I’d have been impressed and felt bad for him. But he didn’t. He’s a liar, his parents know it, and are backing him up in this lie. Why are they lying? They want to push a political agenda of Islamism.

So let’s hope the Texas schools don’t give in to threats.

Note that the pictured clock is the one I made, from actual parts. I designed it, put it together, and programmed it. Ahmed never did that.


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