Canada Votes

Stephen Harper and his Conservative Party of Canada won the last three elections (2006, 2008, 2011) to make him Prime Minister of Canada for nearly a decade. But today it’s not looking so good. Canada votes again today, and it’s very likely we will see Stephen Harper move on after ten years of making the right people mad at him.

Stephen Harper-Photo by Heather on Flickr

Regardless of what happens today, Stephen Harper has earned a place in history. He took control of the new Conservative Party of Canada, reuniting the right in Canada, and leading for a decade of good governance in the face of nasty, hateful, horrible opposition from the fringe left. They hate him as much as they hated Bush.

He’s even been sued by Islamists for pointing out terrorist ties, and refusing to apologize for that.

But it’s hard to run when you’re faced with a energy-driven recession after being in office a decade. What do you run on when you’ve been in power that long? So the polling’s terrible, and the CPC is set to lose a lot of seats in Ontario, Canada’s most populous province.

It is probable that Justin Trudeau will be the next Prime Minister. Son of long time Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau, it looks very likely that he will win a minority government for the Liberal party. A minority government is formed by a plurality party that does not have a majority. That is unstable and so Trudeau will probably have to call an election sooner than later.

Let’s hope Stephen Harper’s legacy will include a worthy successor who will lead the party to a rebound next time.

Photo by Heather on Flickr