Meet the next Prime Minster of the United Kingdom

To the credit of the Labour Party in the United Kingdom, they actually let the party base come together and vote for who will be the next leader of the party. That’s an unusual thing in the UK: the parties there all tend to be run by the establishment (and the unions in the case of Labour), but Labour had a vote, and that’s something the Conservatives should consider doing.


Well, committed pro-Islamist, and radical socialist Jeremy Corbyn won the election for leader of the Labour Party. So meet the next Prime Minister of the United Kingdom: Chancellor George Osborne, the presumptive next Conservative Party leader.

George Osborne UK Conservatives

It wasn’t even particularly close. Corbyn won in the first round, taking 60% to establishment favorite Andy Burnham’s 19%. Two other candidates took 17 and 5.

When Corbyn first announced, he seemed like a joke. A far leftist who openly supports terrorist groups like Hamas and Hezbollah, even getting the coveted Hamas endorsement in the race, he got the necessary endorsements to enter because people wanted him to speak up on issues. Well, now he won.

The Labour Party has now repudiated entirely the New Labour swing to the center brought by Tony Blair, who won Labour’s last three victories and ended the Thatcher-Major era. Under red diaper baby Ed Miliband, Labour already fell to 30% and 232 seats in the last election, a long way from Blair’s 43% and 418 seats in 1997. Labour hasn’t been this bad off since leftist Michael Foot in 1983 dropped them to 28% and 209 seats, and Corbyn is probably to Foot’s left.


For crying out loud, Corbyn is talking about reinstating the Labour party plank for the collective ownership of property, something Blair removed.

Good luck George Osborne, but it looks like you already have it.


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