Rauner fighting for a common sense budget in Illinois

Illinois has suffered mismanagement for years, which is why finally the state managed to elect a Republican Governor, Bruce Rauner. It’s budget time in Illinois, and the Governor is pushing for some common sense ideas (enact reform instead of passing yet more tax-and-spend bills).

The radicals are angry, so he deserves some support on this.


The fact is, Illinois is spending more than it can afford, and the extremists are demanding even more spending. Rauner has even agreed to sign some tax increases if the Democrat-run Assembly would agree in turn to improve the state’s climate for business by passing some of the Governor’s preferred reforms. The Democrats refuse to negotiate.

This quote from WLS in Chicago says it all about who’s angry at the Governor: “Most of the protesters on Michigan Avenue gave [Democrat Assembly Speaker Michael] Madigan a pass and blamed the governor for threats to their programs.” You have a bunch of government employees and people on the dole, mostly from Chicago, all angry that someone is trying to make it so that government works smarter instead of expanding on autopilot. Naturally they’re angry.

Governor Rauner: Keep it up.

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