Trump was for de Blasio before he was against him

Trump-Soho-Collapse-New York

Pictured: Construction collapse at the Trump Soho

Right now socialist New York Mayor Bill de Blasio is conducting a one man Jihad against Donald Trump, but the fact is, before Trump decided to run for President, Trump was a big fan.

Yes, even when it was known that de Blasio was a committed socialist, with a long record of being on the extreme left, Trump was a fan. “I think pretty strongly that he’ll end up being a good mayor”, Trump said. “Maybe a very good mayor and I don’t think he’s going to want to kill the golden goose.”

His positive words, spoken before the election when a Republican was on the ballot, went on. “I think he’s a smart guy that knows what’s going on really big league and I think he is not going to want to destroy New York. I think he is going to want to make New York great.”

Nobody who’s anything close to a conservative had this opinion of Bill de Blasio. The only question was would he be as bad as David Dinkins, or would he somehow be worse? Rush Limbaugh called de Blasio out right away.

“Man, but this de Blasio guy. This guy, there’s no disguise. This guy’s not wearing camouflage. He’s not trying to make anybody think that isn’t what he is. It’s victory for liberals. I mean, this guy is just up front, no hiding, no camouflage, no mask. He’s a Sandinista. He’s communist.”

They say Donald Trump fights. But on what side?

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