Tech at "Night": Weekend Update

Sorry all. On a personal note this was a physically taxing week on me. The tourists gave me a bad cold early this week, and while I was only symptomatic for one day, I was physically weak and had difficulty getting things done the whole rest of the week.

So I’m going to look through what looked like the important and interesting stories most of last week, so that we all can catch up here.

Here’s what antitrust law is to the radicals these days: purely a pretext for setting industrial policy, as we see here from a lefty grumbling that the Comcast/Time Warner deal failed, instead of being used to grow government in other ways. Time to end antitrust law. The cure has become worse than the disease.

The end game if we become a radial state like China: We’ll be devoid of innovation and ideas and be left to copy others.

Democrats are trying to use ‘online’ as a distraction to get all these new GOP governors to hike taxes. Ah, “fairness.”

Facebook is a terrible service but you know what’s worse? Eurosocialism. So I may disagree with what Facebook says but I support them fighting for their right to say it in their struggles against the European Union’s prejudiced targeting of American firms.

Reminder: the Local Radio Freedom Act is a horrible bill. Its sole purpose, literally the only reason it exists, is to attempt to preserve an entrenched subsidy that certain radio stations get, that nobody else gets. Collusive cronyism in action: politicians back media firms, or else they’ll see endorsements the other way come election time. No more winners and losers, please.

If copyright infringement sites are businesses rather than ‘sharing’, and we now have proof they are, I hope they start getting nailed under RICO. Heh.

Even Rand&mbsp;Paul hates Net Neutrality. [mc_name name=’Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY)’ chamber=’senate’ mcid=’P000603′ ] is wrong on some major issues, but when guys like him agree with guys like [mc_name name=’Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX)’ chamber=’senate’ mcid=’C001098′ ], it’s very rare that they’re both wrong.

No new trial for Bitcoin / Tor drug kingpin Ross Ulbricht. Guilty.

Well here’s an interesting one: Why does the US Government own patents? The government is not a business, and there’s no legitimate reason for it to own patents, because it has no investments to recoup. Put them in the public domain now. Now, you may be thinking: What about patents on nuclear weapons technologies? That policy is actually a miserable failure, as numerous countries hostile to our interests get the technologies anyway.

Barack Obama wants privacy for phone calls to and from terrorist cells.. No rights for Christians, but rights for terrorists.

It’s telling that while conservative groups have been opposing comprehensive patent reform, it’s the Soros left freaking out over patent demand letter reform, a narrow, targeted reform I support.

Obviously if Anna Eshoo, California extremist Democrat (middle word redundant with the other two), is trying to undermine GOP FCC reform efforts, we know the GOP bill must do good for small government.