Tech at Night: Republicans move to stop the picking of winners and losers

Picking winners and losers in the marketplace is a common theme in the Obama era, and Republicans want to put a stop to it. Marsha Blackburn has a bill to quit picking favorites in Radio and close up some copyright ‘loopholes’ (really just favoritism) in the current law.


Meanwhile efforts are underway to block Obama’s plan to regulate the Internet misleadingly named ‘Net Neutrality’.

Enough said on that.

We need to be careful about patent reform though, to make sure we don’t fall into that trap. Reforms are needed but we need to reject lobbyist-driven efforts for ‘comprehensive reform’.

I keep wondering when the other shoe will drop with respect to AM Radio limited deregulation.

If the government wants to save money on wiretaps maybe they should do fewer of them instead of demonizing the corporations who have to do the work.


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