Tech at Night: The Internet's dangerous, but the NSA is there to help

I’ve said it pretty regularly in this space: the Internet isn’t for kids. However the scary thing is that even if you don’t realize you’re putting your kids online, you really might be, as those parents with an online service-based nanny cam found out.


Be careful out there. NSA does the dirty work, but there’s only so much they can do.

Be a lot more careful than the greedy folks who looked for easy money in Bitcoin then lost everything, because Bitcoin has no property rights built-in, so if your stuff is stolen, it’s gone forever.

Speaking of property rights, I don’t understand why video game makers should be singled out to lose their copyrights much sooner than other copyright holders would. This is wrong, it’s an effort to pick winners and losers, and I oppose it.

I’m fine with copyright reform, and in fact would support it. But we should be fair to everyone, not single out one industry to be a loser.

Speaking of picking winners and losers, I guess we know Hillary Clinton would pick Google the same way Obama has.


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