Tech at Night: Obama administration votes for socialized Internet

I know what you’re thinking: We all heard about FCC’s controversial, party-line vote to regulate the Internet under 1930s-era phone regulations, as Verizon has so successfully mocked to the annoyance of the far left. The “Title II Reclassification” deem-and-pass maneuver has done many things, but it didn’t outright socialize the Internet yet.


No, that was actually another vote this week.

That’s right, in addition to the “Net Neutrality” power grab under Obama’s plan to regulate the Internet, FCC voted to unilaterally deny states the right to block socialized Internet.

The much better-known Net Neutrality vote was terrible too, though. The whole process has defied the way FCC is supposed to work. Ignoring facts, ignoring the public, ignoring the Congress. It was even a bait and switch, as Commissioner Mike O’Rielly points out. I’ve been saying “Ajit Pai is the man” for a while now, as he’s been on FCC longer, but Mike O’Rielly is getting up to speed fast. “Surprises are for birthdays, not government rules.” – Commissioner O’Rielly on the administration’s rush to jam through the Obama plan to regulate the Internet.

New Tech logo up tonight. Though as old as the photo of UNIVAC is, it’s decades newer than the regulatory framework Obama is applying to ISPs now.


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