Tech at Night: Obama declares war on the Horseless Carriage

Back when the first horseless carriages came onto America’s streets, they were a big deal. They were dangerous, they were annoying, but people wanted to own them and to drive them anyway. They had downsides, but the upsides outweighed them. They were disruptive innovation in practice.


Had Barack Obama’s regulators been around back then, they’d have banned pizza delivery from using cars.

Why do I say this? It’s clear that Obama’s anti-drone regulations aren’t hindering government drone use, nor are they hindering hobbyists. No, they’re specifically targeting business innovation. That’s not right.

I’m old enough to remember when Apple was criticized for not poaching employees from other firms like Google. It was deemed anticompetitive. Now they’re criticized for the opposite. Can’t win sometimes.

Of course with Apple firing people because of their beliefs unrelated to Apple’s business, simply because Tim Cook is an activist homosexual, I will allow myself to snicker.

If you use any number of Google services you’re selling information about yourself for free stuff. Why shouldn’t people be allowed to make similar bargains with AT&T?


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