Tech at Night: Edward Snowden's Latest Attack on America

There are two possibilities when it comes to the latest Edward Snowden announcement. Option one is he’s lying, and simply spreading propaganda against America to appease his Russian paymasters.


Option two is he’s telling the truth, and specifically attempting to undermine American operations against a brutal Communist regime that has been attacking America for years, including a massive $100 bill counterfeiting operation (remember when we finally changed the $100 to those stupid colored versions we have these days? North Korea is why).

Either way Snowden is a spy for the enemies of liberty, and a traitor to us all.

So yeah, it’s kind of silly to worry about Twitter accounts when Snowden remains breathing and aiding our global opposition.

I love it when anarchists get caught. If only Snowden were next.

Or also nice, when the anarchist customers of a band of anarchists get exposed.

Sorry, it’s laughable to say Silicon Valley will control anything in the California Senate race. California’s powerful government unions will pick the effective Democrat nominee, in all likelihood (being a jungle primary state, there are no actual partisan nominees in California anymore).

It’s good to see some other positive words for the Thune-Upton Net Neutrality bill. It’s time to put the issue behind us and take a bipartisan step to settle it. The President needs to sign the bill when it passes.


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