Tech at Night: The NSA Strikes back at North Korea? Merry Christmas.

So Barack Obama denies it’s an act of war for a foreign country, North Korea, to attack American Internet resources, those of Sony Pictures. It is war though, as surely as an embargo is an act of war, though it is war by a new means.


I hope South Korea is taking it seriously, because it looks like somebody is. NSA? Sounds like them, shutting it down to neutralize a threat.

And let’s be clear: our opponents online are watching us. If we attempt a power grab on the Internet in the form of Net Neutrality, they’ll use that as an excuse to get active, too. The integrity of the global Internet is at stake.

So I hope the new Republican Congress acts decisively on this issue.

It’s also be good if Congressional action prevented FAA from making a big mistake on drones, stifling innovation needlessly.

When regulators are unchecked they get very capricious. Just look at the arbitrary handling of Comcast/Time Warner Cable for a perfect example. A shotclock means what FCC says it means, no more, no less. This isn’t rule of law.

It’s incredibly misleading for News Corp. to claim that Dish Network is ‘blocking’ Fox News Channel. This kind of dishonestly lends credibility to the idea that they’re trying to railroad Dish Network customers into massive price hikes for their sports channels.

I love headlines like Bitcoin goes to jail.


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