The right to work helps the poor in Virginia and Maryland

A dozen commenters are all poised, seeing this headline, to rush in and say in the snottiest voice possible “But Maryland is a forced unionism state. How can the right work help them?”


As it turns out, since the launch of WMATA’s Metro Silver Line train running toward Dulles Airport in Virginia, many people stuck in forced-unionism Maryland are finding work in Virginia, which is making leftist policy analysts unhappy. The lengths Maryland residents have to travel to find work is an embarrassment to their dead-end policies.

Virginia just keeps creating one economic hot spot after another. Tyson’s Corner was a wealthy, bustling spot before the government train went there (contrary to those who claim it is ‘transit’ that produces wealth). In fact the Tysons Galleria is one of the most upscale malls in the world. If you’re not in the market for things like a $100 hair cut, your options are limited in that mall.

All this wealth in right-to-work Virginia is creating entry level job opportunities of the kind you just don’t find in forced-unionism Maryland and DC, so people stuck there are enjoying the opportunity to take train commutes to where work can be found. A non-ideological person might ask “Why is Virginia better at making jobs, and how can Maryland and DC replicate that?”

However the ideologues are instead saying “It’s unfair that Virginia has all the jobs but hasn’t duplicated Maryland’s and DC’s forced-unionism, housing subsidy, and market regulatory policies, making Virginia get all the evil corporate jobs.” Drink their pain. People with a drive to work are finding the jobs, no matter how hard the Democrats are trying to hold then back.


We just need to reform the Virginia GOP from the cronyist, collusive entity it is now, where conventions and consultants hand pick the candidates, to an open, competitive party that can start winning elections statewide again. If only we’d run a real candidate in Virginia in 2014, one that could have given voters a reason to care, and not a bland, uninteresting money conduit from donors to consultants, we might have caught the wave and knocked off Mark “Rubber stamp for Obama” Warner.

Becuase the second we start losing too many elections, Democrats are going to try to make Virginia a forced unionism state too, and then where will we all find jobs in this region?


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