Tech at Night: Post-election, Barack Obama endorses far left extremism at FCC

Tech at Night

Back in June I warned about the latest plan by the Net Neutrality extremists. They’re playing a shill game where one side promotes one illegal idea, the Open Internet order already thrown out by the Courts, and the other side promotes something even more extreme, a total hijacking of the Internet through a procedure called Title II Reclassification.


Monday, Barack Obama endorsed that extremist procedure, which would redefine the Internet as a phone service, and regulate the entire Internet under 1930s-era big government control.

A great site covering the lies surrounding the Net Neutrality/Title II Reclassification agenda is Don’t Break the Net. It must be stopped. Ted Cruz calls it Obamacare for the Internet, and he’s not wrong. It’s a massive expansion of regulation, promising free stuff for everyone, but instead is just a giveaway to some cronies, that will leave everyone paying more for less service.

We must deregulate. Anything we don’t like about American Internet access (which should be less than they say, as foreign Internet isn’t as good as they want you to think), is being caused by the regulations we already have.

Ronald Reagan was right in this case. Government is not the solution to our problem. Government is the problem.


AOL aligned itself with the far left by kowtowing the the fringe and leaving ALEC. They join Google and Facebook in the new push against conservatives. Remember that the next time they start screaming for Net Neutrality or Amnesty.

House Republicans are pushing some oversight over the totalitarian Obama program to monitor the Internet for speech it doesn’t like called “Truthy.”

Obama is answering China’s attacks on America with words. What a gutless wonder.


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