Tech at Night: The fight against the Redskins has come to censorship

Tech at Night

The difference between Republicans and Democrats is clear, and that’s why it’s important to vote and vote for the Republican.

Right now the Democrats are on a psychotic jihad against the Washington Redskins, and it’s gone from arbitrarily stripping a trademark, now to open intimidation attempts in California and even brazen censorship plans in Washington.


Vote for the Republican. Even if it’s a squish, vote for the squish. It’s important.

I continue to insist that banning in-flight calls is a terrible idea. It’s a disgusting expansion of government power to start banning annoyances, which is all a call on a flight is. An annoyance. Grow up.

Universal phone service is supposed to be one of the great progressive achivements, but these days it’s not a successful program.

When anarchists go to prison, liberty wins.

It continues to amaze me how special interests get cuts out in the law. If you or I ran a massive copyright infringement scheme, we’d go to jail. But SiriusXM gets to blow off copyright on pre-1972 recordings, makes $136MM on the deal, and completely gets away with it because of regulation.


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