Tech at Night: The government wants your data protected, except when it doesn't.

Tech at Night

Sometimes the government cheers the idea that your data is being protected from the bad guys. Other times, the government grumbles and complains.

It turns out they’re fine with your data being at risk, as long as it means government can get to it whenever it wants. Funny, that.


It’s true though. Government is cheering ‘kill switches’ on phones that would prevent unauthorized access after a theft.

But when Google and Apple seek to encrypt your data, which would protect your data far better than even a kill switch would. But encryption also keeps out government snoops, so they’re freaking out.

Don’t trust government on cybersecurity regulation. They want you secure, but not too secure. Remember that the next time the Democrats call for laws after a corporate break-in.

WaPo approves of the Obama-Google nexus, as the administration keeps on hiring Google people, but imagine if we changed ‘Google’ to ‘Koch Industries’ and think about what the left-wing reaction would be.

Sirius continues to lose in court in its fight to ignore copyright on pre-1972 recordings.

First it was Uber. now it’s AirBNB that government is targeting to help cronies.

Google is bragging about some anti-copyright infringment steps.


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