Tech at Night: Anarchists attempt to intimidate the Silk Road trial judge

Tech at Night

Delay, obfuscate, distract. The anarchists are doing everything they can to try to keep Silk Road drug ring founder Ross Ulbricht from facing justice. His lawyers want his trial delayed and are slinging mud about FBI, and his fellow anarchists are attempting to intimidate the judge.


America used to bar anarchists from entering the country. These days it’s easy to see why that was wise.

In fact back in the day, anarchists were the leading dangerous ideology that was a threat to our way of life, in the way Communism eventually became a threat, and Islam now is. Anarchists love the Internet and tools on it like Tor and Bitcoin, and we need to watch out for them.

The government is spying on you and Edward Snowden doesn’t say a word. Oh wait, that’s because it’s the Russian government.

Anarchists claim the only reason they infringe on HBO’s copyrights by spreading around illicit copies of shows like Game of Thrones, is that no legal means of paying for online access exists. Well, HBO is launching one, so I wonder how long until they invent a new excuse for being freeloading scumbags.

Surprise! FCC regulations on mobile 911 have done more harm than good.

The Obama administration continues to support the ‘multistakeholder’ Internet model, but that effectively means creating a power vacuum. If you don’t think the Chicoms and the Russians won’t rush in to fill that void, you’re kidding yourself as much as Barack Obama and Penny Pritzker are.


Not only are banks ‘too big to fail’, now they think they’re too big to have to abide by anti-robocalling rules that protect mobile phone users from harassment.

Even car companies see the way Net Neutrality would harm innovation, and that’s a big reason the regulations are a bad idea.

The FTC wants to micromanage Youtube video content.


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