Tech at Night: The Democrats get into the broadcast decency game

Tech at Night

I’m old enough to remember 2001. Back in the early days of the Bush administration, the new Bush FCC took an active role in enforcing the decency rules that had gotten pretty much ignored under the Clinton administration. This enforcement culminated with the 2004 Super Bowl halftime show, featuring Janet Jackson.


Democrats naturally were outraged. But, fast forward ten years, and now Democrats are talking about pushing their own broadcast decency preferences, against the Washington Redskins.

As usual, the rule is that it’s alright if the Democrats do it, but if Republicans do it, they’re evil moralizers. And yet consider exactly what each went after: Republicans going after smut, Democrats going after… the name of a popular sports team.

But don’t worry they’ll mutter something about Bushitler and go on with their power grab.

Turns out the state laws the Obama FCC is talk ing about overturning don’t even ban municipal state-run Internet, they just regulate it.

FCC is ending the blackout rule, so NFL no longer gets to blame government for blacking out games from its fans. NFL must decide on its own whether to black out games.

Eric Holder has joined the administration’s pressure against cryptographic privacy. This is a problem.

Edward Snowden’s Russia continues to fight freedom.

Freeloader culture online is leading to freeloader culture offline.

Bitcoin, Tor, and child sex abuse continue to go together, as the Tor community does nothing to stop it.


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