Tech at Night: Title II Reclassification is a bad idea, regardless of Net Neutrality

Tech at Night

Even as Democrats get desperate that they’re losing the public debate on Net Neutrality, the ideological extreme left is trying to merge Net Neutrality and a second, separate debate. They want FCC unilaterally to redefine ISPs not as information services, but as common carriers like phone companies, which are covered under Title II of the Communications Act. They want to move ISPs to a much heavier regulatory scheme. They want to regulate the Internet.


It doesn’t even make sense, except as a pure power grab, because Title II wouldn’t even do the things they say it does. They keep using that word, but it definitely doesn’t mean what they think it means.

So even as activists were asking for more transparency through Capitol Hill editors on Wikipedia, leading to a reinstatement, they put in another ban only on the US Congress, not all governments, over extreme left political sensibilities.

If the US Government wants to hinder drone development in the private sector then other countries will get a lead on us.

How important is it we pass the Local Choice act that would let broadcasters set their own prices for cable retransmission, to be passed directly onto cable customers without cable companies having to negotiate it and act as middlemen? These rates keep going up because broadcasters use the current law, and how it picks winners and losers, to hide these costs and blame cable companies, which leads to blackouts and a big mess for everyone. Local Choice Act would benefit everyone. No more blackouts, no more middlemen, and broadcasters could charge all they wanted without having to fight for it.


Well this is interesting: The House may take on some key provisions of DMCA and do some targeted copyright reform. I hope they go in the right direction, and preserve the balance of the act, instead of picking winners and losers.

ICANN, the key governing body of the Internet that is currently under US stewardship, continues to go in the wrong direction under Obama.

If you give a chimp a camera and the chimp shoots someone, you don’t get to claim copyright on the chimp’s work.


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