Tech at Night: The runaway FCC on Net Neutrality. Why people need to pay for the data they use.

Tech at Night

It’s funny how all the leftys who get outraged about Citizens United and corporations speaking out on issues (and the ISPs are right by the way) are totally fine when firms like Google and Reddit speak as corporations in favor of socialized Internet.


The FCC is acting as lawless as every by the way. FCC Republicans were kept out of the loop on Chairman Wheeler’s new plan, proving this is ideological, not practical. Not that left-wing criticisms of Wheeler are any better. But I’m glad to see both House Republicans like Marsha Blackburn and Ted Cruz in the Senate getting sick of this runaway regulator.

By the way, here’s a great chart showing just how important it is that people pay for what they use: Non-streaming Internet users tend to use only 5GB/month of data. High end users average over 40 times that much. Should people pulling down 40x the data pay the same as those who don’t? Somebody’s got to pay for the investment needed to sustain this use, and to grow the capacity to support even more.

Net Neutrality advocates would have those 5GB users subsidizing the rest. It’s the Obamacare playbook, folks..

Republicans should deregulate, delicense, and be the party of [innovation].

Europe’s new “right to be forgotten” is incompatible with free speech, and it’s so weird that I’m agreeing with The Atlantic on that.


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