Call your Representatives: Ask them to support discharge of H.R. 3086

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One of the great, lingering bipartisan achievements of the early days of the commercial Internet, was the moratorium on taxes on Internet access. We all know governments would love to slap all sorts of taxes on something just because it’s new, and there. But in the Clinton era, Republicans and Democrats came together to stop that.


The moratorium is in danger of expiring, but the Congress doesn’t seem all that eager to move on extending it. Please call your representatives today and ask them to support a discharge of H.R. 3086, the Permanent Internet Tax Freedom Act, which would end this renewal game forever.

It’s a really simple bill. All it does is remove the time limit on the tax moratorium already in place. It’s not often enough in DC that we see legislation so easy to read as that. This is a bipartisan bill, but Bob Goodlatte doesn’t seem to be in a rush to pass it, so we need to forcibly pull it out of the committee to get it passed. That is what we need to ask our representatives to do.

If we can get the House to pass it, that increases the pressure on Dick Durbin and the Senate to do the same.

Please call today. Calling reaches these offices in a way that emailing and faxing don’t. Thank you.


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