Tech at Night: Zombie Net Neutrality just won't die.

Tech at Night

Even though repeated losses in court are making the Net Neutrality folks have to compromise with reality, the fact is they’re still freaking out about the ability to charge more for better service, which is a good thing to have. The facts are though that we don’t need new laws, and the laws they do want would just pick winners and losers, which is why Netflix is pushing so hard. If the roles are reversed they’d be screaming that I was being paid by Netflix.


Picking winners and losers is a theme in fights happening in cities across the country as entrenched incumbent taxi services fight Uber innovation.

There are a few things we need FCC for though, phone jamming is one of them. If only they’d content themselves with that, instead of trying to meddle.

From where I sit, there’s not much difference between the bundling Microsoft did that led to antitrust suits, and the bundling Google does with Android. It was garbage then and it’s garbage now, but the meddlers will meddle.


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