Tech at Night: The NetMundal meetings against US stewardship of the Internet. Net Neutrality yet again.

Tech at Night

While Bitcoin is traceable, that process can be made very difficult by a determined attacker, because of the existence of sophisticated money laundering operations in the Bitcoin community, operations designed specifically to aid criminals. So I think it makes sense for the FEC to place cash-like restrictions on Bitcoin. As long as we’re stuck with these laws, it doesn’t make sense to give Bitcoin a special exception.


The quest to deliver the Internet from American-guaranteed liberty and into Russo-Sino-tyranny is on, down in Brazil. They call it NetMundial, but’s really a one country thing. It’s just an anti-American hate fest.

So corporatist ideologue Al Franken got his way, and he’s now looking out for Netflix’s regulatory interests, looking to give a sloppy wet kiss to the company in government, at Comcast’s expense.

The thing is, the arguments against the Comcast / Time Warner Cable deal are incredibly dishonest. Existing big government already creates a cable monopoly for most Americans. Merging two different monopolies won’t affect competition for people. They’re hoping sports fans will not know that and just fall for their lies.

They said the Bitcoin/Tor black market Silk Road was unstoppable, but now the newest criminals are in operation.

Just how responsible are mass online advertising services for the businesses of their customers? It’s easy to say “Google should know,” because in their case they probably can know, but it’s hard to generalize from that.

So the FCC has lost in federal court twice over Net Neutrality, and yet they try again. It’s an ideological obsession at this point. Imagine if Republican had abortion regulations thrown out twice, and went to re-pass them a third time. Imagine the outrage.


The FCC rigging spectrum auctions against some companies actually hurts the sellers, too, not just the public and the would-be buyers rigged against.

The Aereo case is huge and legacy providers are worried about innovation. The way Aereo is set up, is that it’s the same as having an antenna and VCR… just with your antenna hooked up over the wires of the Internet, instead of from your rooftop. It works the same. This is not a copyright matter. This is broadcasters angry that people using free over the air broadcasts makes them less money, but remember: it’s only because they have those over the air licenses that they get cushy deals with cable to begin with. So broadcasters, in attacking Aereo, are wanting it both ways. We can’t let them have that. We can’t let them stifle innovation, just like they tried to kill cable to begin with.


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