Tech at Night: Obama's crazy argument for UN control of the Internet. I don't trust anonymous sources.

Tech at Night

The Obama administration’s argument for handing the Internet over to the UN is bonkers. Literally they’re saying that the answer to them complaining that we’re in control, is to hand the Internet over, and hope they behave. Republicans are right to try to prevent this.


Protip: running programs to check somebody else’s computers for critical security holes, without asking permission first, is most definitely a crime. By the way, anyone trying to tell you that NSA has been using the known OpenSSL “Heartbleed” bug for a long time had better be careful, since the bug has only existed for so long. Of course, who seriously trusts ‘anonymous sources’ in this day and age? Those are what they use to hit Republicans, so why should we trust them now?

So some people want to make Tor into a paid network. So much for all that talk of helping Chinese dissidents, eh?

So New Zealand continues to shelter Kim Dotcom from prosecution over Megaupload, and in fact has let him launch a new business, Mega. Well, he has income, so he’s getting sued. Ha ha.

Not writing down passwords was great advice when people had one or two of them. Most of us need dozens now though, so telling people not to write them down is horrible advice. Sure, it’s a good idea to use some sort of tool that will encrypt your passwords, but random, secure passwords written down are better against most attacks, than passwords made to be memorizable by the dozen.


Darrell Issa is better for transparency than Barack Obama with the DATA Act.

Dish Network is right. We need to fix the rules of retransmission consent to make a level playing field, so that fair negotiations can go on instead of blackout brinksmanship.


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