Tech at Night: We really need to primary big regulator Bill Shuster.

Tech at Night

Sometimes you just know somebody needs primaried. Wednesday I learned of a member of Congress who’s clearly only in the House because daddy was in the House before him, and he’s using the influence he has out a personal sense of entitlement. That’s clearly why Bill Shuster wants to ban phones on planes, despite both the OBama FCC and FAA thinking it’s a good idea to let the market decide this. Shuster was first elected in 2001. He needs a refresher on what happened in 2001, that would make us consider why passengers on planes may want that option, and why we should let Mister Market figure it out, instead of a blanket ban.


Look we get it, he’s big important man and he flies on planes often, and so he wants to order the airlines to do what he wants, because that’s what he thinks the perk of being the son of a Congressman is. But that’s why we need to defeat his bill, and defeat him in the primary.

Now this looks like really great technology. I bet Microsoft and Google get a few to make their maps. And the cops? The bad boys won’t like that one.

Remember: our government let Edward Snowden get away with his crimes, and and isn’t all that reliable about cybersecurity overall. And yet Democrats and a few terribly misguided Republicans think government should gain more power in this area. Insane.

While I do think the FCC needs reform, and a tightening of the leash, I’m not bothered that the Senate won’t take up a sweeping Communications Act overhaul, because Id on’t trust the Congress to enact a good bill once it gets past a certain size.

All of the top three Bitcoin exchanges are now in trouble. All it will take is China’s biggest Bitcoin exchange to falter, and 89% of the market for selling Bitcoins for real money will be in jeopardy. Amazing. Plus dope dealers are having trouble using it. No wonder some scammers already moved on to committing crimes for Dogecoins.

Heh, even as the EU leaves Snowden for dead in Russia, grandstanding Maryland politicians are plotting illegal activity against the NSA. The NSA: It’s. The. Law.


I remain not a fan of Peter King. He backed the Soviet-backed, socialist-ideological terrorists that tried to kill Margaret Thatcher. So when he goes over the top against Rand Paul, he discredits himself. But I think Rand Paul is not in the right here, either. Paul and King are just trying to grandstand off of each other’s grandstanding. Can’t we just lock them both in a closet until they both stop talking NSA?

Yup, that’s right: Net Neutrality was always sold under false pretenses. There was no threat. The whole thing was a scam to grow government.

Calling harassment or a crime a prank does not excuse it.


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