Tech at Night: FBI winning the war on TOR. Bitcoin Foundation vice-chairman arrested.

Tech at Night

It’s happening: the feds have arrested Bitcoin Foundation vice-chairman Charlie Shrem for money laundering. The key point seems to be that his service BitInstant was tied to Silk Road.


Good news: Microsoft and Google won and are getting some declassifications of aggregate data on FISA demands for data. Aggregate data from large providers won’t help the bad guys, but it will inform the voters, and that’s all that matters here.

Jon Henke seems to favor big Communications Act reform, and he makes some good points on how we need to defang the FCC for good after their repeated Net Neutrality attempts. I’m skeptical a big bill will be pro-liberty instead of being a lobbyist battleground, though.

The FBI has been winning the war on TOR criminals. Heh. Tor is an anonymity service favored by drug dealers and child pornographers. It’s where you go to spend your Bitcoins on heroin, videos of child abuse, or murder for hire.

Voter Gravity hires someone from Google even as Google is picking up its donations to conservatives and to Republicans both. Interesting. I guess we at RedState pointing out the bias are getting noticed.


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