Tech at Night: Comeback edition, Part 1. Bitcoin, FCC, and get your Debit cards changed.

Tech at Night

This winter has been so cruel to me. I just have been getting every cold there is. I’ve been a magnet for bugs, and they just keep knocking me flat. So, it turns out I have so many links built up to go through for tonight’s Tech, that I’m going to break this up into two pieces. Some tonight, some over the weekend.


Democrats may be playing their usual game of blame the victim as an excuse to grow government, but know this: If you used a debit card at Target in the last month, you probably should get it replaced immediately. No joke. These cards are being actively sold for Bitcoin.

Gee, Bitcoin and crime, hand in hand. Again

Good news though: Arrests from the original Silk Road, a site on the Tor anonymizer network that served as a market for illegal goods using Bitcoin, continue to come after it was captured by the government. Further, those trying to succeed the dead site are also being caught, even as they fight against each other to clear the market. When anarchists lose, society wins.

And clearly society is way more sick of anarchists stealing their credit and debit cards than they are of the government.

Speaking of government though, let’s talk FCC. One hundred years ago, AT&T and the government made a deal that grew government, grew AT&T, and hurt everyone else. It was the Kingsbury Commitment. FCC Commissioner Ajit Pai says it was a mistake we should learn from.


Pai also seems to agree with me that sports blackouts should be enforced by private deals, not government regulation.

It’s sadly not surprising that the Obama FCC won’t leave well enough alone on media ownership.

Though apparently we’ve shamed them into investigating Obamaphone.

Don’t like the idea of people using phones in flight? Don’t look to the law to fix that. Let the free market work. Trains have quiet cars. I expect we’ll have quiet flights in the future.


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