Tech at Night: Anonymous anarchists go to war with America. Net Neutrality is a dead man walking?

Tech at Night

Think the FAA is so great for making a slight loosening of its ridiculous regulations on phones on planes? Think again: The Euros are making us look bad by getting way ahead of us, and allowing full use of LTE at any time.


Anonymous is trying to go to war with America. Cells must start coming out denouncing this behavior I believe, or be considered anti-American and a threat to liberty until proven otherwise. Can we please go back to barring anarchists from the country, and expelling those we find?

Then again, the dope fiends among them are giving us plenty of reason to arrest them as it is through gangs like Silk Road, so… maybe that’s redundant.

I know it’s likely that the courts will toss out Net Neutrality again, but it still makes me smile to read predictions like that.

They’re going to come against 3D printers, to try to strangle the technology in the crib. Just watch.

How about some Google? BGR has a misleading headline here. Google is not paying another $17 million for spying on Apple. Google is paying this money for spying on Safari users in the general public.

But they’ll tell us all about who government is so mean and nasty, despite the fact that when it comes to the chase for ad revenue, Google will spy on you with as much zeal as the NSA.

So yes, while I agree with Google’s calls for broad, aggregated transparency from the government on its increasing data requests it’s making, know that Google and the government are in this together.


Oh, that silly David Cameron. Google has agreed to take superficial steps against child pornography that are unlikely to matter at all. But it’ll grow government and make David Cameron feel good about himself, so, yeah.

Well, it’s now been confirmed that the Trans-Pacific Partnership is going to try to rewrite US copyright law. Time to be wary.

Let me remind you that every signal that the Aereo service offers to set up an antenna for you to use is licensed and regulated by the government and given out free to all, so when the coalition of big business comes after the innovators, trying to make you forget that as they ask the Obama administration to pick winners and losers, you’ll know better.

I’ve been sick which is why I missed Tech Friday, so we’re doing catch up. Some quick links to round out the night.

The states still want action on sales tax. I think that there’s been serious overreach on the issue in DC, which is why the issue is flopping, but there’s a sound core concept involved. Just have to pull back on the rhetoric, and I think if you lave the non-sales tax states out of it, making it opt-in for the states, then you can pass the thing much easier.


Should Google be able to make their own unauthorized digital copies of the works of others because they want to and they’re Google?

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Software patents aren’t the problem. Trivial patents are, and as long as USPTO profits from awarding trivial patents, that’s not going away.

Here we go again: the left wants to pick winners and losers in spectrum regulation.

EPIC fails to get an NSA challenge into the Supreme Court
, a victory against Snowden-driven attacks on our security, without which we have no liberty.

And let’s close with a laugh: anarchist SWATs self, and is going to jail.p>


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