Virginia, Vote TODAY for Cuccinelli, Jackson, and Obenshain. It's important.


Today Virginia votes. Republicans, and in particular conservatives, come to this election after a difficult year to endure. The Governor depressed us, the Lieutenant Governor depressed us, the transportation deal depressed us, and of course DC establishment Republicans like Eric Cantor depressed us.


But today we face a clear, easy choice: Ken Cuccinelli or Terry McAuliffe. Easy call. We must make sure to vote today for Ken Cuccinelli for Governor, E. W. Jackson for Lieutenant Governor, and Mark Obenshain for Attorney General. It’s important. Please vote.

If we don’t show up – that is, if we let our opponents in both parties get us down and keep us from doing our civic duty – then we risk a wave turnout election for Democrats. We risk handing the Governor’s office and the General Assembly to Democrats. That would be a disaster for three reasons.

Bill Clinton’s bag man Terry McAuliffe would get to work right away to pay back his extreme ideological supporters as Governor. Step one would be to pay back Planned Parenthood by repealing all of the sensible, safety-oriented abortion regulations we’ve put into place in Virginia. Planned Parenthood wants more Kermit Gosnells, because it’s cheaper and more profitable for them not to care, so they want to undo what we’ve done in Virginia. A Governor McAuliffe and a Democrat-controlled General Assembly would vote to kill more babies and their mothers.

Second, McAuliffe would pay back his supporter Barack Obama. The President has come to support him, so McAuliffe and his Democrat allies would work to impose Obamacare on this state, by capitulating to DC and implementing an Obamacare Exchange in the Commonwealth.


Third, McAuliffe would seek to aid his union allies. They’ve poured big bucks into this race for a reason. That reason is that Virginia is a Right to Work state, and the unions would dearly love to get a state back to make up for their losses in Wisconsin, Michigan, and Indiana. They would love to make Virginia a forced-unionization state, and don’t think they won’t try if they get the votes.

Today, November 5th, is Back to the Future day. But what McAuliffe and the Democrats want to do is send Virginia down the path of Detroit, Robocop-style. Don’t let them Detroit Virginia. Find your polling place and vote today. It matters.

Photo by tvnewsbadge on flickr


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