Tech at Night: Is Obama violating Net Neutrality during the Shutdown? Michael O'Rielly is using no 'code words'

Tech at Night

Still not a lot going on thanks to the shutdown, but there is the theory being floated that the Obama administration’s punitive shutdown policies are violating Net Neutrality rules. I don’t know that I agree, but it’s worth at least thinking about, as little as Net Neutrality even makes sense.


For all the people are claiming Silk Road wasn’t a significant part of the Bitcoin value, it could be that the feds are seizing 5% of all Bitcoins in circulation. But it is going to be interesting to see how seizing assets works when the assets are encrypted.

Apple shuts down an app solely to appease the Chicoms. That’s disappointing.

New York is going after Airbnb users. It’s like they don’t like innovation and don’t want an economy.

The problem with Do Not Track, and why it’s not going anywhere, is that ultimately all it is, is a request sent by your browser that must be obeyed voluntarily by advertisers. That is, unless you start blocking cookies and other means (and Google already got fined once by the FTC for evading that). So until advertising firms, both honest and shady, are willing to comply, it’s all just endless talk.


OK, now scanning emails for anti-spam and for advertising purposes is not wiretapping, it’s clear to me that wardriving is, which is what Google did in the wi-spy scandal. I reject the claim that involuntary intrusion testing is something that needs to be legally protected. Breaking in is breaking in, unless you have permission, and Google most certainly did not.

By the way, the Democrats coming after Michael O’Rielly (the good candidate for the FCC Republican slot) are full of it when they claim he’s using code words.



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