Tech at Night: MPAA misses the facts on Google. Dish Network wins for innovation.

Tech at Night

Are there people who use search services like Google’s to find illegal distributions of works? For some crazy reason, MPAA thinks not. The evidence seems to disagree.


When it comes to arguments about Net Neutrality, attitude is not a substitute for facts and reason. Then again do the Net Neutrality zealots like Susan Crawford even have any?

By the way, the telecom firms that Susan Crawford and the extremists want you to hate, are the ones investing in America. No really, the only ones investing more are those evil oil men and natural gas frackers. Note how the sainted auto industry is almost an order of magnitude less important than telecom and energy.

Dish Network wins again in court, as broadcasters seek to use the courts to prevent innovation.

Heritage wants to know just how the fourth amendment applies today.

Property rights are important but, taking action against patent trolls is legitimate. Patents exist Constitutionally to promote innovation. If patents hinder innovation – and patent troll do that – then they must be brought back in line with the Constitutional purpose. Some would argue reasonably that the core problem of patent trolls is that we’re issuing far too many trivial patents, and they’re right. But I’m open to other solutions here.


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