Tech at Night: A key government cybersecurity role. Chinese trojan horses. ECPA reform held.

Tech at Night

I’d have signed a letter against IRFA, the Pandora-backed regulatory bailout.

Government is trying to give advice on security online, including advice on how to deal with breakins. Information exchange is truly a proper cybersecurity role for government. Also important is prosecuting private offenders, and dealing with state offenders.


Though it gets tricky when state offenders include firms selling goods while pretending to be private firms, such as Chinese firms like Lenovo or Huawei.

ECPA reform is being held in the Senate. Leaky Leahy says it’s a Republican doing it. I wonder who? Lindsey Graham? John McCain? I’m not entirely convinced that the bill is necessary, but I don’t think it’s a particularly idea as long as we preserve something along the lines of FISA.

If you really want your email to be private, don’t have it all run through Google.

Turns out Snowden’s final decision to pledge allegiance to United Russia has encouraged a child pornographer in Ireland to follow suit.

Oh look, all countries spy. It’s part of statecraft.

A rape threat online is still a rape threat.

A drug addicted anarchist is dead, and his peers are spinning conspiracy theories.

Online criminals are now planting child pornography on servers.

Samsung beat Apple at the IRC, but Barack Obama is defending Apple and blocking a ban on older iPad and iPhone imports.


I personally think it’s reasonable that if you pay someone millions of dollars, then you can keep that person from going to help a competitor, as in the case of Steven Sinofsky bailing out on Microsoft.

Ron Wyden and John Thune want to make permanent the ban on Internet access taxes.

If Mike O’Rielly is good, and people seem to think he is, I agree that the President’s FCC nominees should be confirmed. Given the broad legislative powers we give regulators, they do deserve scrutiny, but I’ve seen nobody saying either of these nominees up is unqualified or unsuitable. I know, that’s odd given some of the Presidents’ other choices.


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