Tech at Night: We need E-Rate reform, not a plain expansion. The FTC lets a spammer off easy.

Tech at Night

Here we go. The President, Jay Rockefeller, and the grabbing hands are on the move, using “Internet for the Children” as a pretext to expand spending. We need E-Rate reform along the lines of what Ajit Pai is talking about, not anything that’s just a plain old expansion.

The FTC went easy on this spammer. Texts can cost people 5-10 cents each. They do me. So if this spammer sent 20 million spam texts, he could have costs his victims 1-2 million dollars. And he only got find 60 thousand. Weak.

Here we have it: Democrats back blame-the-victim cybersecurity laws, while wanting to let cybersecurity attackers loose. Aaron’s law is a sloppy wet kiss to anarchists, terrorists, and organized criminals. Criminals who are even attacking the Congress now.

Net Neutrality problems do not exist, says one leftist group. A consensus is growing against that Net Neutrality power grab.

Metadata surveillance will continue.

Press bias happens in tech, too. When a firm like Google makes acquisitions of leading edge technology to get new ideas and smart people, it’s painted as an intelligent strategy. When Apple does it, it gets a spin of desperation. Leftists and left-libertarians love Google, and it paints their reporting. It’s odd because Steve Jobs was much more of of them than Larry Page or Eric Schmidt have ever been.