Tech at Night: The government's data collection. Snowden pals around with dictators.

Tech at Night

Tone deaf, or simply apathetic? Even as Americans are unhappy about government data collection, Obama wants to do more big data work on private citizens. Mike Crapo is looking in the other direction, though, and wants to investigate the data gathering the government is already doing.


China didn’t want Edward Snowden. Russia didn’t want Snowden. Ecuador apparently didn’t want him, either. Not even Cuba wanted him, so he was left trying for fascist Venezuela, and unsurprisingly they dislike America so they like Snowden. Again and again, Snowden allies with America’s opponents against America.

Imagine you were a police officer. Imagine you heard that somebody who was on the way to a concert at Rod Laver Arena tweeted at the concert performer “I’m ready with my Bomb. Time to blow up Rod Laver Arena Bitch.” Would you think it reasonable at least to find this person in case this person actually had a bomb? It happened, and the anarchists are typically outraged. Hey kids: don’t be morons.

If true, it’s smart business for Google to pay ad block developers to favor their stuff with special settings not to block them.


If it’s true that the true believer bubble is bursting in Bitcoin, and illegal activities are keeping the scam afloat at all the news that the government is coming after Silk Road isn’t good for the continued life of Bitcoin.

One of the great FCC innovations, and success stories, is the use of auctions. Stick with the winning formula for American spectrum allocation, please. No playing favorites.

The 3d printed gun hysteria continues, with an attack on 3d printing technology.


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