Tech at Night: Apple to make it work where Pandora says it's impossible. Wikileaks has its own leak problem. IRS targets Open Source Software.

Tech at Night

Wow. Even as it comes out that Apple is going to pay more than Pandora for its coming radio service (which is probably going to be a windfall for small publishers), here’s a great set of answers from Marsha Blackburn on IRFA for conservative activists.


Good news: it only took $5,000 to get a Wikileaks person to… leak information. Ha. More of this, please.

Remember when I shook my head at all those digital libertarians stupid enough to vote for Obama? Well, heh. Now we find the Obama IRS is targeting open source software groups for tax repression. Heh. Told you so.

Hey kids: don’t make stupid threats on the Internet. Strangers have no way of knowing you’re joking. Don’t think you get to be a jerk online. Some people have a habit of distinguishing between online things and “in real life,” but the people online are real people, and what you’re doing online is real life. Don’t make stupid threats on the Internet. You can argue this kid is being treated too harshly, but don’t be stupid anyway.

The hidden reason people are up in arms about Aereo, the innovative service looking to rent out antennas to deliver free over-the-air television: cable is losing subscribers to free broadcasts, and that cuts into profits. They got used to people with the money getting cable, and if those people go back, then that’s giving up profits they used to get.


No joke: listen to Google on securing your home network, even if it’s hilarious coming from the people in trouble worldwide for spying on people’s home networks.

Some Democrats want to save the patent office from sequestration. I say no. You want to end sequestration? Tell the Senate and the President to pass one of the balanced budgets the House has passed.

Why is the sale of Sprint going so smoothly? Because there’s no Sprint around to sue them over it.


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