Tech at Sunday Morning: We now know why the MetroPCS / T-Mobile deal went through. What to do about Google Glass.

Tech at Night

Had some work to do Friday night, so this this became Tech at Sunday Morning!

I still don’t see it passing the House after Mike Enzi’s winners and losers talk poisoned the well, but conservative governors want MFA passed for good reason. Ask Scott Walker.


Remember when the T-Mobile/MetroPCS deal flew through the Obama administration without a hitch? I think we now know why: it meant the end of the MetroPCS challenge to Net Neutrality. How convenient.

Stealth recording technology. What could go wrong? Of course, if you don’t like Google Glass, the real thing to do is to let property owners ban it on their own property. Problem solved.

I’m shocked to find out that after Anonymous declared war on Australia, that Australian censorship continues unabated. It’s almost like idiot Anarchist children don’t actually succeed at things. Which is why blackshirt scum continues to get sent to jail, where they belong. I’m also sure Barack Obama is quaking, quaking in his boots over the new Gitmo stuff by the Anontards.

I wonder how many of them are going to lose their shirts, I mean lunch money, over the Bitcoin scam starting to fall apart as the Magic: the Gathering Online Exchange (Mt. Gox) is feeling the pinch.


I can’t wait for them to cry so hard if Mike Rogers, recently the target of an anti-CISPA swatting, heads up the FBI.

Pandora is still trying to lobby the government to let them stick it to musicians. Cheap promotion, they promise, which is what you always tell the talent when you’re just too cheap or failing as a business to actually pay for what you use. Don’t pass IRFA. Two wrong don’t make a right, and we ought not repeat online the mistakes made in terrestrial radio regulation.

Google’s taken heat for being pretty liberal about what they allow to be advertised on their services. Here’s a Wired story alleging it got really bad.


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