Tech at Night: Catching up after Easter with Aereo, Google, and Obama

Tech at Night

I meant to post over the weekend, but with RedState so active for Easter, I decided just to cancel the Friday Tech.

Hey folks, here’s more evidence: Population density matters for Internet speeds. Wealth also matters. Those who don’t adjust for these factors, and tell you US Internet speeds are slow or bad, are selling something. Usually government.


And yes, it’s still a problem that the Obama administration isn’t doing enough to oppose global Internet regulation through the ITU. Some say the administration was duped, but I think they just don’t oppose global regulation and governance. Obama wants to bow to foreign countries by letting global tyrants hijack the Internet from the free peoples of the world.

Aereo wins a day in court. Aereo is a service that lets you rent an antenna – your very own TV antenna – and hook up to it over the Internet to get broadcast TV signals into your home. It’s an innovative use of technology. Entrenched players seeking rents should not be able to shut it down. Just how incestuous is the content/cable relationship? Just how influential is that relationship in the current cable market, that people are trying to avoid with Aereo?

Let’s hope Obama doesn’t go too far left with the new FCC pick. The radicals are already demanding litmus tests of FCC overreach. I guess litmus tests are only bad when a Republican is President.

Barack Obama may be too much of a wimp to go after China, but at least House Republicans are ready to act against Chinese attacks stealing confidential information online. The Communist culture is bankrupt of ideas, and must take ours to survive.


Regulation is a blunt tool that can do harm. We must err on the side of liberty, so that we don’t go the way of China: bereft of innovation and stagnating into a future of socialist gray.

The Washington Post says Google could tilt an election with bias. Sure, that’s true. But gee, couldn’t we say the same about, oh, the Washington Post? A paper known for going off on crazy jihads against Republicans in Virginia, smearing them as racist with no integrity and no shame? Imagine if Google actually endorsed candidates, like WaPo does.

PS, a reminder to sales tax compact proponents: whiny, mushy-headed complaining about “fairness” isn’t going to win people over. You just sound like big government, tax and spend Democrats when you talk like this.


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