Tech at Night, er, Sunday Morning: Stop blaming the victim and pass sensible cybersecurity legislation. Free Press not for a free press.

Tech at Night

I can’t agree with Jerry Brito on cybersecurity legisiation. That the President did the wrong thing, the wrong way, doesn’t mean we don’t need the right thing done the right way. It’s time we stopped playing blame the victim.


How about more Free Press? Mike Wendy thinks they need to man up, a fair point. Instead of trying to silence opponents, debate. Then Jonathan Lee makes another great point: Free Press trying to silent AT&T isn’t exactly advocacy for a free press, is it?

First we saw a Washington bill that would have had “home inspections” statewide, that had to be pulled because the sponsor claimed he didn’t know it was there, and now a massive Internet censorship bill in Illinois got pulled. Yes, both by Democrats.

I must correct Erik Telford on Google. Google is not Obama’s Halliburton. Google is the caricature of Halliburton that only existed in the minds of the extreme left.

And some quick hits to finish the post (I almost said ‘night’ out of habit, ha!). The European model isn’t so hot, no matter what Susan Crawford says about Internet access.

RIAA effectively joins MPAA in the cry of ‘regulate them, not us!’ The sense of entitlement is amazing. Of course, their ultimate problem is that it’s their own customer base they’re having problems convincing to pay for their wares. That has to sting.

Anonymous gets hacked. In-jur-ies! In-jur-ies!


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