Tech at Night: Right and Wrong answers on Cybersecurity

Tech at Night

So, the President and other Democrats seem to think more government is the answer to our cybersecurity problems. the Chinese are attacking us, and will continue to do so going forward. Hard to see how more regulation on our end will help that. Fighting back might make more sense, so long as we don’t make the Internet unusable in the process.


Of course, some threats are domestic. Gangs like Anonymous need to be found and jailed. Again, regulation isn’t the answer there. Police work is. Especially since this Anontard attack was on… the Federal Reserve. Oops.

In any case, as foreign powers are attacking us online, it’s ridiculous to think we’d even consider foreign regulation of the Internet, so it’s good for the House to take on the new ITU treaty the President negotiated so poorly.

Turns out that new WiFi program isn’t actually a new program, but is just a new way of selling an existing program to expand spectrum. Boo.

The Obama FCC won’t go after broadcast decency. Nah, this administration is too busy criminalizing online poker to do that.


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