Tech at Night: Google caving to Communists; Ron Wyden allying with Al Franken

Tech at Night

And this is how that tech coalition begins to die: Ron Wyden working with Al Franken on large expansions of government online, a startling reversal from the anti-PROTECT IP Senator from Oregon.


Google caves to the Chinese Communists even as Google’s Eric Schmidt hands a propaganda victory to North Korean Communists. A pattern?

More Google: Almost immediately after Google got clear of FTC’s antitrust investigation, Google starts accusing others of harming competition. Protip: one could say the same thing about search that they’re saying about Internet access. Never mind that dialup isn’t even comparable…

Samsung could be in trouble in Europe over trying to play PATENT WARS with standards-essential patents. The Obama administration seems tob e warning against the same thing.

Wikipedia is not to be trusted for anything important, folks.


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