Tech at Night: RSC and Copyright, Purges have consequences

Tech at Night

Gotta love it: I go to take a nap before Tech at Night but… oops, somebody forgot to press the Start button on that 2 hour timer. So, suddenly it’s Tech at Saturday Morning!


So yeah, we’ll start with a story that actually got me mad: the ongoing story of that now-famous RSC paper on copyright. There are conflicting reports out there, but most I’m seeing suggest there’s a real change going on at RSC, the same way there’s been a purge of a certain wing of the party elsewhere in the House.

I’m disappointed by all of this. If the RSC is going to oppose copyright reform the same way most of us oppose anarchic anti-copyright views, then the RSC is aligning itself with the most extreme perpetual-copyright views held by groups like MPAA. If there is to be no compromise, then I cannot work with them either, since my views have been declared to be in opposition to RSC.

Purges have consequences. It’s time we stopped pretending RSC is anything but an organ of the GOP establishment now. They’re clearly not speaking for the conservative reform wing of the GOP, as they once did long ago.

The Obama administration says they’re working “day and night” to fix the ITU treaty mess, but that’s just proof that Obama gets zero respect from the rest of the world, and is being ignored. The real question is: Will Obama pledge to withdraw US support from any unacceptable ITU treaty?

Ajit Pai is looking to be a solid FCC member so far: He’s already warning us about what’s coming after Net Neutrality should the FCC prevail in court. I can’t imagine they will but… how many of us imagined PPACA would survive?


Your laugh of the day: FCC is telling FAA that wireless is overregulated.

Based on this piece by Fred Campbell, the phone companies known as CLECs are quickly becoming the buggy whip makers who want to hinder the necessary evolution of our phone system to an all-IP model (the IP Revolution Commissioner Pai wrote about here at RedState even), one that would save costs and give us a much more robust system thanks to the use of modern, superior Internet technologies.

The whiners continue to whine that ISPs are sick of their networks being used for mass copyright infringement. Look guys: why should they have to tolerate you using your line for illegal activity? Address that instead of aligning yourselves with anarchists.

Oh look: The Democrat-Socialist alliance in the Senate opposes free markets in big media, trying to pick out some big media to favor over others. Big surprise.

Again, New Zealand is not lost but the way they’re covering for Kim Dotcom is shameful.


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