Tech at Night: Obama failing to stop a bad ITU process; Free riding to be encouraged on data roaming

Tech at Night

Nobody wants the ITU treaty to go anywhere. Not Net Neut backers. Not House Republicans and House Democrats. But the Obama administration is failing to do anything about it. Remember when we were told electing Obama was the key to great international respect? Not so much…


Might Obama sell a cabinet post to Eric Schmidt in exchange for help from Google in getting re-elected?

Not that you’d ever know anything from the Obama administration, as predictably his promises of transparency had an expiration date.

Today, market forces will not prevail in wireless data roaming, a blow to the need to encourage investment in wireless infrastructure, and a benefit to those who would just take a free ride on the investments of others. But Verizon’s loss shouldn’t be looked at as a preview of the Net Neutrality case challenging the illegal Open Internet order.

We knew things would be harder when the President got re-elected, though, but we can still hope that AT&T will get the support it needs to modernize phone service in the Internet era.

Somehow the Safe Web act got re-passed. For once the Senate did something? Wow.

Parents let 9 year old child on the Pirate Bay, site featuring pornography, copyright infringement, viruses, and other problematic things. This results in legal action taken, and the taking of the computer used to engage in mass copyright infringement. but the father wants you to think it’s really the copyright holders to blame here.


Here’s a tricky issue: California wants to create new Internet monitoring of sex offenders. It doesn’t sound that bad in itself, but I think it’s reasonable to fear that a database like this will only grow in scope over time. We have to weigh the likely benefits (what would stop a repeat offender from using two logins, giving up the ‘innocent’ one while maintaining a second one?) against those costs (bigger government and huge potential for expansion and abuse).


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